Last month, I had the pleasure of taking Emily Trempe‘s maternity photos! Emily and I worked together on a play in winter of 2009 (her on stage and me in the tech booth), and my dad and her fiance, Jude worked together at Activision. We’ve all been able to keep in touch pretty well and I am so glad to have been able to do a shoot with her! She has a steady career in acting and modeling, and it shows. She just belongs in front of the camera! Jude was out of town, so we weren’t able to get him in on any of the shots, but we still had a delightful and successful session.

We started out with a few of the more classic maternity photos. She had the most perfect ultrasound photo for the shoot, so we utilized that for a few shots.

Check out that engagement ring. Beyond stunning, is it not? And there’s nothing cuter than little baby booties.

Emily brought almost her entire wardrobe, plus a ton of jewelery and accessories, so we were able to do a lot of fun, stylized photos that really brought out her personality. The shots I got from this rockstar outfit are some of my favorite!

I used my 50mm f/1.2 L for most of the shoot, but I also got some more artsy shots with my Lensbaby. The Composer optic with the heart shaped aperture disc was a must, but the Fisheye optic I had ordered arrived just in time for the shoot as well! That made for a couple of really fun shots.

For our last set, we headed over to the lake for some shots by the water. The wind was out of control and we were all shivering a bit by the end of it, but Emily looked totally ethereal despite the cold.

Thank you so much, Emily, for doing this shoot with me. I had a great time working with you and I hope you like your photos!

Take a look at more of the photos here and tell me what you think!