concentration part ii.

“A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” –Ansel Adams

It is easy to simply look at a photo as you would anything else. Ansel Adadms captured breathtaking black-and-white landscape images—you do not have to look into one of his photos to be impressed. Beautiful photos are often beautiful at a glance. Looking into a photo is more complicated.

The artistic and technical mastery of the Mona Lisa is clear—you look at it, and you know. However, it is her smile that people have been so intrigued by all this time. It is haunting, as it is not the blank slate-expression of many portraits of the Renaissance, nor is it a full-blown, toothy smile. It is small, delicate, and mysterious. That seemingly minute detail is what is found when a piece of art is looked into. Looking into and seeing that kind of detail in a photo is just as important as it is in a painting.

When I am focusing on those details, it has a huge effect on how I choose to capture things. Depending on what that detail is, I may choose to compose my shot so it is more subtle—a treat for the viewer who really looks. Other times, it is the main focus of the image and I really try to get up close and personal with it.

This is an assignment from my Advanced Digital Photography class. Check out my photos from the class here.

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to be graduating this year. Come mid-June, I will be free from the shackles of high school. While the idea of going into hibernation until it’s time to go to college is vaguely appealing, I actually would love to have a productive summer.

So… want to do a photoshoot?

I would love to start getting my summer schedule sorted, so please feel free to contact me about your portraits, headshots, or wedding. If you’re a Class of 2014 kid, let’s get your senior photos done!

Schedule your summer session with me by May 31st and you’ll get 10% off your shoot!

Don’t need photos this summer, but would be interested in modeling for me? I am always looking for people to work with on my creative projects, so drop me a line.

Let’s have a great summer, guys!

annie & greg – reception.

After my couple’s portrait session with Annie and Greg in Camarillo, I could not wait to photograph their reception at the Valencia Hills Clubhouse. The evening was so full of love and laughs, and I had an amazing time capturing it. It was a simple and beautiful event–flowers, candles, good food, good music, and good people.

I arrived a bit early to help set up and snap a few details.

How sweet are these baby photos of the bride and groom?

Just before the guests started to arrive, I pulled Annie and Greg aside for a few shots. They looked really incredible. What a gorgeous pair.

Cake time!

I really love these shots. Annie and Greg looked so happy dancing together, and the father-daughter dance was adorable.

As things began to wrap up, we went outside for a few more shots of just the two of them. They kept looking at each other and just smiling. What a great way to end the night.

Check out a few more images from the evening here.