corner table.

For my 16th birthday last month, my parents took me to Corner Table. Like many of the restaurants we favor, they pride themselves on using fresh, local ingredients to craft a unique and ever changing menu. This, however, was something special. We ordered the prix fixe and were provided with some of the most delicious dishes ever to reach my table.

The first thing was a simple amuse bouche. It was green onion creme fraice, beets, turnips, and green onion. Light, nice blend of flavors, and pretty. Perfect way to start off the meal.

Next was a chicken liver paté and roasted garlic crostini with mustard greens, pink peppercorns, and a light mustard sauce. Do I really have to say anything else?

The next dish… oh god. It was by far the best thing to come to the table. All of it was good, but this? I’m salivating at the mere thought.
You ready?
Turnip flan with duck confit.


That was a religious experience. I very seriously considered licking the dish once I was done, but it was a clear jar, so it would’ve been awkward and not at all subtle. Ah well.

After that was a seared pig’s head torchon atop white bean ragout with pieces of lamb bacon. Lamb bacon, you guys. Seriously. I’m having a hard time remembering what was on top of the meat — I want to say mustard seed, pears, and onions? I might be totally making that up, though. Whatever it was, it was all very good.

Before the next course, there was a palate cleanser. A spoonful of Sebastian Joe’s pear sorbet. This sorbet was so clean and refreshing. I am a huge fan of Sebastian Joe’s and really wish there was a location more convenient to me.

Next was the duck breast on soft polenta topped with (I think) pear jelly. It was amazing. The duck was cooked to perfection and all of the flavors were just a blissful combination.

Now, normally the dessert would’ve come out next. However, my parents had been to the restaurant for a test run before bringing me there and they had sampled a lamb tartare. I love a good tartare, but lamb tartare was not something I had seen before. Which seems so strange. Isn’t lamb, like, the perfect tartare meat? So, we got an order of that. It was Star Thrower lamb tartare with shallot, lemon, egg yolk, and mint, plus some more crostini. It has since been taken off the menu. As I said, they use local ingredients and if there’s nothing good for the dish, the dish goes away. Lucky we got there when we did because it was amazing.

I’m pretty sure they knew I was coming or something because the dessert was something taken directly out of one of my food fantasies. I can’t remember what exactly the form of chocolate was, but there was chocolate on a beet caramel sauce with deep fried cheesecake.

And to that, I say…

All in all, the meal was spectacular. Definitely one of the best birthday dinners to date, and there have been some pretty good ones. It’s a small restaurant and there aren’t many tables from which you don’t have a view of the kitchen. The decor is lovely, the service just attentive enough, and of course, the food is great. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Corner Table
Minneapolis, MN

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  1. It all looks and sounds amazing, even if I’m pretty sure there is stuff in there I wouldn’t eat. :) Not only are your photos fantastic, I love your writing, as well. :*