tiny dancer.


Unbelievable ballerina puppy prodigy discovered in the Twin Cities!

Or maybe it’s just people being silly.

It’s hard to tell.


Our very good friends from California flew out to adopt Mindy, one of our foster puppies. Darlene (her new mom) made a tutu for her just for this photoshoot. We assumed we’d put it on her and get maybe two photos before she tore it off. Much to our surprise, she was an absolute rock star for the shoot. We must have spent at least half an hour taking photos of her in a tutu and Darlene and her daughter in various balletic poses. It was amazing! So proud of Mindy, and pretty happy with the photos I got, too. Check them out!

Totally candid shot. Darlene and her daughter resting while we got Mindy ready for another round.

6 thoughts on “tiny dancer.

  1. OH MY WORD!! These are adorable! And now you have initiated my “I NEED to photograph puppies” reflex!!! :) So cute! And so glad you won! Enjoy!!! :)

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  3. Believe it or not, This little Tiny Dancer came to the Red Lake Rosie Rescue Shelter, 23880 South Good Road, Trail, MN 56684 on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. She arrive with 8 littermates on a cold February Sunday morning. Her mother had been hit by a car and was dead. The puppies were outdoors for 2 days with no milk from their mama.
    They were brought to Red Lake Rosie’s on Sunday barely alive. All survived and went to Act V and All Dog Rescue and now we find out Tiny Dancer made it all the way to the “Big Time” in California!!! WOW!!!!

  4. As one of the rescue people who work hard to
    get animals out of horrendous conditions on the reservation it is
    heartwarming and beyond words to know that a little one
    escaped a very bad fate to land with loving caring people.
    It gives us all energy to keep on going!!
    thx so much

  5. Thank you sooooo very much for taking one of our rescue dogs. I see Tiny will have a very happy long life.. :D ! Bless your hearts <3