Just a quick update before I go to bed.

My grand Chinese adventure is coming to a close. I am back in Shanghai after spending a week in Changzhou and tomorrow evening, I fly to Osaka for less than 24 hours, then back to California. The trip has been quite a whirlwind. I’ve unfortunately spent a good 90% of it sick and consequently have been sneezing and coughing and gagging my way all over China. Still, I’ve managed to pack quite a lot of exploring and photo taking into the amount of time I’ve had here. It’s been amazing. I wish I had been healthier so I could have maybe appreciated it a little bit more, but nonetheless, I feel so incredibly lucky and happy that I’ve had the opportunity to do this. It has been an all around phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to write a bit more about it and share more photos. Hopefully I’ll have a chance for a small post in Osaka, as well as a larger one back in the US. Until then, good night!

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