Headshots & Modeling

Headshots – $120
Up to 1 hour
2 looks
All untouched, watermarked, low-res proofs suitable for use on websites.
2 retouched, high-res images suitable for printing + letter granting
printing rights
Additional prepared high-res image and printing rights $30 each
Additional 30 minutes + look $30 each
MUA can be arranged for an additional fee.

You are welcome to purchase headshot prints from me. If you do, I will
be able to provide you with photo layout options such as your name
and a border, but I do not recommend it. My printing arrangement is
with a professional quality photo lab using portrait and archival
level materials, and there are much more efficient printers out there
for bulk orders of headshots and comp cards at appropriate quality

Modeling Portfolios
The Headshot Session can easily be modified into a Modeling Portfolio
Session. Depending on the diversity of looks and and locations you
are looking for, it might be best to split it into multiple sessions.

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