As some of you may know, I love horses. Like, really love horses. When I was 11, I wrote a very detailed pitch for my parents to show them why I should have a horse. It featured a pro-con list, several testimonials, pages of research on horses and horse care, a place to ride and board, and even a horse that I had picked out for purchasing. His name was Dunny. He lived on a farm 10 minutes from my house and was advertised as a great Western pleasure horse for kids in the arena. He was also blind in one eye, but I didn’t care. That was the horse for me. It was all very elaborate and exciting and I presented it to my parents very studiously.

I am now 16. I have still never owned a horse. However, I of course leap at any chance I get to see horses. Even if I don’t get to ride, I will gladly tag along with a friend to visit some horses, take some photos, and have my hair chewed on by several large quadrapeds. So, that is what I did one cold, snowy day this past January. I hopped in the car with a family friend and we drove up to visit her horse and wander the barn. Here a few photos from that fun outing!